A little about LOLA...

Ladies of Lagers and Ales (LOLA) is a social drinking group for ladies who love craft beer in the Portland, Oregon area.

LOLA was started by a group of friends gathering for an evening of beers, but the group has since grown in size to encompass any and all ladies who would like to meet for a pint. As these women started gathering, they realized that a lot of women in the local beer scene were being introduced as the girlfriend or wife of certain men in the beer scene. These ladies wanted to create their own identity in the Portland beer scene, and LOLA has become the avenue.

LOLA has set up brewery tours and special brewery tastings to expose its members to the wide variety of beer that Portland has to offer. LOLA has also set up collaboration brewing projects with local breweries in Portland. The group has been very proactive in the beer community to set a positive precedents for all involved in beer.